Boys Beach Theme Beds

Beach theme bedrooms are my favorite. I am completely in love with Hawaii and dream of living there some day. My boys all have beach theme bedrooms. It's easy to mix and match beach items as they are casual and fun. Here are some of our top picks for boys beach theme bed.
If you want an easy way to decorate, here is a complete beach theme bedroom.

You may also want to check out my other website, The Hawaiian Home for more beach theme beds and accessories.


nicolette said...

My favorite bedroom design has to be the one featured in the fourth row down. The color and set up is very harmonious. Also, the under bed compartment is extremely convenient, and would help keep this room organized.


Jules said...

These are such cute rooms. I found a place that has wall stickers that would work perfect with all of the theme rooms above. Check out or

architecture said...

A few months back i moved to my new house and i was searching for the decorating tips for my child bedroom and i found very good information with images here. I like your decoration specially that down pillow and bedding images it's looking stunning.


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