Where to Buy Wall Stickers

One of the most affordable ways to decorate the walls of a bedroom are by adding wall stickers. Most wall stickers are easy to install, just peel off the backing and place on the wall. This is works great if you are living in a rental and not allowed to paint the walls or put holes in the walls. When you are ready to move, just pull the wall stickers off and the wall is as good as new. So where do you purchase wall stickers? Here are my top picks.
1. Pokka Dots carries wall stickers such as landscapes, growth charts, animals, chalkboard, stripes and more.
2. WallNutz carries a large selection of write on chalkboard wall stickers, quote bubbles, wall frame stickers, tropical wall stickers, ABC's, butterflies and bugs, flowers, faires, Disney wall stickers, sports, transportation, space and more. They also have complete wall sticker murals so you can decorate your whole wall in themes such as castles, farms, world maps, jungles and more.
3. Wall Candy Arts supplies wall stickers in dots, animals, transportation, nature stickers and more.
4. Target.com carries wall stickers in themes such as Star Wars, military wall stickers, Disney wall stickers, Barbie, Spiderman, sports, and much, much more.
5. Bliss Living offers many kids theme wall stickers such as giant trees, Noah's ark, skater wall stickers, surfer wall stickers, butterflies and such.
6. Walls R US offers unique wall stickers in realistic looking airplanes, animals, mermaid, sports cars and more.

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