Train Theme Bedroom

Railroad Window Panel and Valance
Railroad RugTrain Wall Hooks

Kids Railroad Train Wall Clock
Kids Train Embroidered Blue Quilt Boy Bedding Kids Train Curtain Rod & Holdbacks
Create the perfect train theme bedroom for your little engineer. Bright colors work best for this theme. A way to personalize the room is by painting initials on a few of his favorite trains for a great display. It you are really creative add a suspended train track circling the room. This list is some of my favorite items to add to a train theme bedroom.
1. Railroad Crossing Quilt in sizes twin-queen
2. Train Window Panel and Valance
3. Train Rug
4. Train Wall Hooks
5. Vintage Train Lamp
6. Wooden Train Chandelier (search by name)
7. Train Station Canvas Reproduction Artwork (search by name)
8. Kids Railroad Train Wall Clock
9. Kids Train Quilt
10. Train Theme Curtain Rod & Holdbacks

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Sara Fortin said...

Just wondering where you got the train quilt. Looking to purchase it.


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